The Joy of Copulation

Copulation in the true sense is the act of coupling, joining, and union. That is where there the feeling of joy emanates from.


Sexual intercourse or coitus is the human form of copulation. Sexual intercourse may refer to a wider variety of sexual acts than the term coitus.  However, the discussion has to be broader to make sense on a human and cultural level.

It seems that the terms must be discussed on a broader scale. Coupling is a wonderful way to make this look like more than a hit and run excursion. Humans enjoy the sexual experience on many levels, one of course is physical, another is emotional, and lastly it is satisfying to the soul.

It fills our senses, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It is a form of touching, communicating, and bonding. This could be the highest forms of how humans express both their needs, and joy.


Foreplay is the cement that holds together the act of lovemaking. Without this it can be called a lot of things, but lovemaking is not one of them. Intercourse may be preceded by foreplay which leads to sexual arousal in both partners. The reason this is so important is this is what really makes it both a caring act, and a physically delightful one.

Technically foreplay results in natural lubrication of the vagina, and an erect penis. When an erect penis is inserted into a vagina and one of the partners moves back and forth to stimulate an ejaculation and orgasm, it may be problematic if there wasn’t any foreplay.

In human sexual behavior foreplay is a way of expressing physical intimacy. It may be more intimate than coitus alone. Foreplay allows wide latitudes of behaviors. These include kissing, touching both in general and concentrating on genitals, breasts, and any area the courses sexual arousal,

Physical Intimacy

The connection you make, is more profound that just the act of copulation. Dr. Helen Fisher anthropologist and author said in a light hearty way “Don’t copulate with people you don’t want to fall in love with, because you may just do that.” Testosterone can unleash the love neurotransmitters, and an organism can elevate the attachment hormones.

Dr. Fisher believes romantic love is stronger and more powerful than the need for sex. Most people don’t do away with themselves if they aren’t instantly gratified. No sex is just attributed to a dry spell, but love drives people to do desperate things.


Organism is a pleasure and a release, but it isn’t the complete enchilada. The joy of copulation is that it isn’t a separate entity from all our other senses. It answers at times more than a craving; it answers the call of attachment when it is at its best.

The longing is for more than immediate satisfaction, though it isn’t the focus most times. There is an expectation that this is more than the perceived pulsating genitals.  From an evolutionary view this would make sense, ties that bind are essential for survival.

The joy of copulation is what drives sexual activity in men and women. What goes on during arousal and orgasm happens between the ears, as well as throughout the entire body. This is what drives humanity to the heights of being, and represents the future of mankind.

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